Dugout Mugs™ are baseball bat drinking mugs! Our bat mugs were created for one reason, and one reason ONLY… Give baseball fans, baseball players, and baseball parents a new & awesome way to enjoy the game they love so much! 

Why is it called the Dugout Mug? 
Back in 2014 while coaching at Florida Tech, Randall Thompson was sitting in the dugout and listening to the hitting coach tell the guys to “FOCUS ON THE HANDS.” To emphasize his point, he cut off the top of a baseball bat and left the barrel sitting on the bench… BOOM! The idea hit Randall like a 12th inning walk off, “I could definitely drink from a bat!” he said to himself… The rest is history!

Shortly after, he began pursuing his vision (July 2014) by sketching the very first Bat Mug on a scrap piece of paper. After being released from baseball, Randall knew that  it was time to POUR  his creativity into something he was passionate about. The result was the Thompson Mug Company , and the Dugout Mug™ baseball bat mug!

"If you are good to the game, the game will be good to you!"

About Randall Thompson - Randall grew up in Orlando, Florida and played his first Little League t-ball game at the age of five. From that moment, like many of you, HE WAS HOOKED! The game of baseball would become a large part of his life thereafter. Through hard work and ethics, he earned opportunities to play the game around the country at collegiate and professional levels. Just 18 years later, he threw his last pitch at the professional level, and though all good things come to an end - he truly believes: “If you are good to the game, the game will be good to you!" And he was right!

Through dedication, hard work, and having the most incredible customers, Dugout Mugs™ are quickly becoming one of the most popular gift ideas for baseball fans! They are great for Coaches Gifts, Father's Day Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Baseball Player Gifts, and more! When asked about the companies explosive growth, Randall responded: “I will always have a LOVE for the game, but I never thought MY BIG DEBUT was coming after I retired… Life is funny that way!”