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"The BEST GIFT you can give a BASEBALL FAN is a bat they can drink from!" - Randall Thompson

As we get older, it becomes almost impossible to buy gifts for our friends and family, and especially the guys. If we see something we like, we usually just get it! We have enough ties, don’t need wallet, no more cologne (please) and gift cards just get lost!

BUT… what if we show you a real hidden treasure, that most people have never seen before… would you be interested? We thought so! If you are shopping for a baseball fan, then look no further. The Thompson Mug Company has changed the game with our one of a kind baseball bat drinking mug, called the Dugout Mug!

"This made for a great gift ... my son couldn't believe it! He loved it so much!"

Guys love them, ladies love them, kids love them… everybody loves them! Thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong, and now is your chance to order the ultimate birthday gift.

Together let’s put an end to cliché gift giving, and get something that offers an experience like no other! Step up to the plate and SWIG for the fence! The BEST gift for a birthday gifts just a few clicks away!


Hear What Others Are Saying!

Heath Storey baseball bat mug birthday gift testimonial

I've used the mug at the field, in the office and on the boat. Haven't found a place it's not useful yet - no doubt the perfect gift for any coach

Heath Storey

George Carrol baseball bat mug birthday gift testimonial

I got my Dugout Mug as a gift and it has replaced every beer mug in my house

George Carrol

Matt Mercurio baseball bat mug birthday gift testimonial

What's a better way to combine a cold beverage and baseball than a Dugout Mug by Thompson Mug Co.? There isn't. Nough said! 

Matt Mercurio

Tyler Carman baseball bat mug birthday gift testimonial

Ordered from the Thompson Mug Co. and was very happy with the product and delivery service. It's literally a must for any baseball lover. 

Tyler Carman

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