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MLB Stars Support PBSF and Receive Dugout Mugs

January 19, 2018

MLB Stars Support PBSF and Receive Dugout Mugs

Jackie Robinson famously said "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." This quote (or a form of it) was likely floating around in the head of Dennis Gilbert in 2002 when he founded the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation (PBSF). PBSF, is a non-profit foundation that 'steps up to the plate' for professional baseball scouts when they are facing a difficult time...whether that 'difficult time' is financially related, health related , or anything in between - they are there to help, and help in a big way.

The Thompson Mug Company had the honor of seeing first hand how big of an impact the PBSF has on the game of baseball by being invited and attending their 15th Annual Award Show. The Award Show is designed to honor professional baseball scouts and raise money for scouts that are in need. While in attendance, we saw the positive impact the foundation has on the game of baseball. With hundreds of people in attendance and thousands of dollars being raised - the night was dedicated to the overlooked "road warriors" - aka, the scouts that travel the country evaluating raw baseball talent to discover the future "stars" of this beautiful game.  


(Dennis Gilbert (Right) - Founder of PBSF. Kris Dehnert (Left) - of Thompson Mug Co.)

In addition to raising money for PBSF - bringing awareness to pediatric cancer was at the forefront of the speech put on by Buster and Kristen Posey...as they spoke passionately about their efforts to enrich the lives of children that have been diagnosed with pediatric cancer by founding The Buster and Kristen Posey Foundation. Within her speech, Kristen Posey pointed out the astonishing fact that only 3-4% of funds raised for cancer research go to pediatric research, and that is something they have set out to change. 


(Starting Far left moving right: Randall Thompson, Buster Posey, Kristen Posey, and Kris Dehnert)

Rounding out the night, and receiving the "Lifetime Achievement Award" was Ken Griffey, Jr. While speaking to the crowd - he reminisced about his time being scouted as an amateur player, and he recalled the positive impact it had on him and his life.


 Ken Griffey, Jr. receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award and his Dugout Mug.

The Professional Baseball Scouting Foundation Award Ceremony was eye opening, and shed necessary light upon unsung "heros" that make up this game. As spectators, we tune into the game and watch the best athletes in the world compete at the highest level, but as a person peels back the curtain of the game of baseball - they begin to realize the foundation is set by these "road warriors" - the scouts. These scouts make one of the largest impacts in these players lives by finding, scouting, and signing them to a professional contract.

With that said, "cheers" to the PBSF and all the scouts that selflessly look to make an impact in an amateur baseball players life!

A special thanks to Cindy Picerni for extending the invite to Thompson Mug Company to be in attendance for something so incredibly special.