Clemens Throws Barrel at Piazza | "I Want a Mug"

August 04, 2017

Nearly 17 years later, we at the Thompson Mug Company have finally closed the case on what was going through Roger Clemens' mind when he threw the barrel of a baseball bat back at Mike Piazza in Game 2 of the 2000 World Series.

At :18 seconds in the video above...Clemons puts his hand on his chest, and seems to say "I want a Mug!" We assume he is referring to the Dugout Mug, the baseball bat mug.

Clemens must of known Piazza has a passion of carpentry, and was simply asking for him to craft a Dugout Mug!

It's hard to believe, but very plausible that after all these years, Clemons was just asking for the best baseball gift someone could ask for, a Dugout Mug by Thompson Mug Co.

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