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Out of the Park Proposals and our Favorite Baseball-Related Love Stories

January 21, 2021

Out of the Park Proposals and our Favorite Baseball-Related Love Stories

LOVE is in the air! Valentine's Day is coming up quick and we wanted to get the ball rolling by sharing some of our favorite baseball-related love stories.

t's been said that "It's hard not to be romantic about baseball" and we couldn't agree more! 

Wyatt & Lisa

Baseball Love Stories
We asked Wyatt to tell us his baseball love story and here is what he said.

"My wife and I are avid baseball fans and right before we got engaged we had started the process of building our first house. The day before we broke ground I put up a set of bases on the lot that read “I” on first, “Love” on second and, “You” on third, and “Will you marry me” on home plate.

Well, I set it all up and then blindfolded her and put her right in front of home and knelt down with the ring and had her take her blindfold off to see me kneeling in front of home plate with the ring. She said yes and then we walked around the bases and I tossed her a baseball that I had written “We are Home” on. By far the best play I’ve ever made on the diamond!"

Micheal & Joni

Baseball Love Stories
We asked Micheal to tell us his baseball love story and here is what he said.

"My wife and I met working together at a sporting goods store. We started talking and hanging out early one summer. We spent almost every day together and both loved sports. We wanted to go to a Giants game so we bought tickets for August thinking the “home run” craziness would be over. That was the year Barry Bonds was chasing the career home run record. 

We picked a game, versus the Washington Nationals on August 7, 2007. Our tickets were behind the visitor dugout, three rows up on the 1st baseline, priceless. Little did we know that night would not only change baseball history but the rest of our lives. 

You could feel the energy in the park each time Barry stepped up to the plate. Bottom of the 5th, tied game, Bonds worked it to a full count and then boom! You knew the sound as soon as the ball left the bat. Straight away to center field (at the time “triples alley”) and the furthest wall in the park, yet it was gone. The entire stadium shook with a deafening roar of the crowd. 

Sharing that excitement with my now wife, I knew then that she was the one I wanted to share every life-changing moment with. We got engaged shortly after and married the next year on August 8, 2008. Now, every year we go back to a game to celebrate our anniversary and that moment in the stadium where baseball history was made and the lives together began. Almost 13 years and six children later, we are still excited for more life-changing moments together."

 Jen & Jeremy

Baseball Proposal
We asked Jeremy to tell us his baseball love story and here is what he said.

"Aug 9, 2009, I proposed at a Tigers' game. We took a party bus down to Detroit with about 40 people from the bar I worked at. Everyone on the bus knew I was proposing except my wife. I had a local beer distributor print me off a large sign that said “SHE SAID YES” with Budweiser and Bud Light logos in the corner (assuming she WOULD say yes). As she was reading the JumboTron, I got down on my knee, she turned to me and that’s when I popped the question. The Tigers beat the Twins 8-7 and we celebrated on the way home with a bottle of Sweet Lucy Bourbon liqueur.

We married on September 18, 2010. 10 years later and with 3 kids, we’re still going strong."

Jennifer & Johnny

Baseball Love Stories
We asked Jennifer to tell us her baseball love story and here is what she said.

My husband proposed to me on the big screen at Candlestick Park. The engagement was great, we had friends and family there, he pre-planned and everything. The crazy thing is there was an extra out due to an error in the inning, just before they posted it, so he jokes around about that a lot.

The location doesn’t exist anymore, but we have the photo and 26 years of memories together.

Stefan & Lori

Baseball Love Stories
We asked Stefan to tell us his baseball love story and here is what he said.
"I proposed to my wife at a Blue Jays game (Jays fans) on August 23, 2008, when they were playing the Red Sox. No JumboTron, just a surprise, and only one person from work knew my plan. The real funny thing about the proposal as well, was just as I went down on one knee, a co-worker about three rows down jumped up in a panic. He must've been squeezing his plastic beer cup, and it cracked. So beer is spilling out on people on the row in front of him. He's freaking out that he needs a cup, but he keeps turning around to see if anyone has a cup. Everyone is getting soaked. Then he realizes he's screwed and he just has a blank look and is looking at all of us, shrugs his shoulders, and starts chugging his beer.

My wife turns around, slaps me on the shoulder, and says "Look at this guy!" Almost knocking the ring out of my hand. Then she starts asking me what I'm doing and to get up until she realizes I'm proposing. 

A group of fans from Boston sat behind us and made sure we had a beer in each hand all game! Apparently, they came up in about 6-8 busloads for the series. My wife and I had to walk around downtown Toronto for a bit and found a bar to have non-alcoholic drinks at until I could pass their breathalyzer.

We now live in Alberta and go to ballparks all over. We plan our vacations around baseball and hockey games. My boy was seven and got to run the bases (and break the no sliding rule), sliding headfirst into home plate at the Skydome. Lucky little bugger."

Coaching Love Connection

Baseball Love Stories
We asked Troy to tell us the baseball love story between his mom and now stepdad and this is what he said.

"My parents met in a year that our Little League didn’t have enough coaches and managers. So, my mom and now stepdad both stepped up and coached me and my stepbrothers when we were eight years old. They continued to coach and manage us for the next 10 years, which was the beginning of their relationship, and they have now been together for nearly 30 years, and have fostered dozens of children in that time frame."

Sydney & Antonio

Baseball Love Stories
We asked Sydney to tell us her baseball love story and here is what she said.

"I asked a guy I met during the first week of college if he wanted to join me on our school-sponsored NYY trip. He said yes and we’ve been together for 6+ years!

When we visited the minor league team in Scranton, during the night game we’d admittedly had a few drinks, and in between innings I always love watching the fun videos on the JumboTron. Imagine my surprise when I saw us on the kiss cam. Having never been on a JumboTron before, I started pointing and trying to explain to my boyfriend that he had to kiss me, and he was NOT getting it!

I’ve seen JumboTron videos in the past of unsuccessful couples on the kiss cam and now I was living it. He even looked right at the screen and the gears weren’t clicking! Eventually, they moved on, but we had a second chance later on and he redeemed himself!

I definitely think it’s important to experience the minor league parks just as much as the major league ones, and you can have just as much fun. In addition to having the tradition of going to baseball games every year (we can’t wait to hopefully go back for the 2021 season), I was able to bring him to his first postseason game in 2019, and we both fell in love with Dugout Mugs after I got him one as part of his anniversary present!"

Junior & Jennifer

Baseball Love Stories
We asked Junior to tell us his baseball love story and here is what he said.

"I took my wife, then girlfriend to an A's game in 2005, and we sat three rows from the field. That game was a beer fest, she gave me her drink tickets because it would make me happy. Once it was done we went to our seats and a screaming line drive came flying our way.

I always have a glove with me so I caught it and gave it to her. Since then we have gone to St. Louis to watch the A's play, Seattle, and Arizona. She wants to help me visit every stadium one day. In return, we go to Disneyland whenever she wants. We are both lucky to have each other.

We got married in 2008 and have been to many stadiums together and our love keeps growing 14 years strong."

Vince & Veronica

Baseball Love Stories
We asked Vince to tell us his baseball love story and here is what he said.

"My wife and I met in Tucson at their AAA park which was used as an extra in the movie Major League. Our first date was the movie Field of Dreams in 1989. We married in 1991 on the night of the MLB All-Star game (a Tuesday). Our honeymoon was at Wrigley Field and our firstborn in 1994 was named after Dominic DiMaggio. Together, we will celebrate our 30th anniversary in July."

Jessica & Brett

Baseball Love Stories
We asked Jessica to tell us her baseball love story and here is what she said.

"Our first date was a Miami Marlins game. The first time he said "I love you" (which I then did right after) was at a Yankee game which also happened to be his 25th birthday.  We're both huge baseball fans, so to say that baseball is a big part of our relationship is very understated. Also, if it get us any bonus points, we met through a mutual friend who plays in the MLB."

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