Baseball Coach Gift | Baseball Bat Mug

April 26, 2019

Baseball Coach Gift | Baseball Bat Mug

My name is Randall Thompson, and I created the bat mug (aka the Dugout Mug®). A wooden barrel of a baseball bat drinking mug.

Later, I founded a company by the name of Dugout Mugs® where we make unique baseball gifts (such as the bat mug) for baseball fans and players. Our products can be found in 60+ MLB and Minor League Baseball Stadiums around the country.

Being somebody that grew up in the game, played baseball professionally, and coached at the college level - I understand the uncertainties that come along with end of season gifts - both at a players level and a coaches level.

"Is he or she going to like this - or are they going to think it is dumb?!"

So, when I first thought of the idea for the Dugout Mug (baseball bat mug) in a college baseball dugout - I knew it would be an awesome gift for baseball seniors and baseball coaches.

What makes our product a truly unique gift for Little League baseball coaches is our ability to put any MLB logo on our baseball mugs. Additionally, we can customize the baseball gift with a coach name, or a roster on the opposite side.

baseball coach gift

Each baseball mug has a unique grain pattern, and we use laser engravers to etch the logos and a personal message/name onto each bat mug. So, not only do these Dugout Mugs® come out looking beautiful - they are also, one of a kind.

Please! Join the thousands that have already joined our Dugout and start drinking from bats!

Check out our Major League Baseball collection, by clicking here, and make a purchase today for the baseball coach in your life - they won't like it - they will love it!