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A Thank You to Baseball Moms | Dugout Mugs | Wined Up

April 26, 2019

A Thank You to Baseball Moms | Dugout Mugs | Wined Up

The baseball dream! What does it mean to you?

This Mother's Day - Dugout Mugs® teamed up with West Lake Natives to bring you this tear-jerker of a film (below) to say "thank you" to the baseball moms that support the dream.

Some would say the ultimate baseball dream is "getting to play the game of baseball and getting a pay check to do it."

Though the odds are less than likely (.02 percent chance) for an amateur baseball player to sign a professional baseball contract, a kid has to believe it is possible to achieve it. 

Typically, this belief starts from an external source.

The most common external source for a young baseball player is his baseball mom. The one person that believes in him more than anyone else on this planet.

She sets the foundation for them to strive and find their way in this beautiful game.

Be sure to share this video with your mom, give her a big hug, (maybe) grab her a mini baseball bat wine glass (Wined Up), and tell her "thank you" for believing in you.

From Dugout Mugs®, the creators of the bat mug - we say, "thank you" to all the baseball moms for supporting the dream!