Best 30 Mother's Day Gifts From Sons and Daughters

April 23, 2021

The 30 Best Mothers Day Gifts from the Kids

A thoughtful and unique gift for mom on mother’s day is a great way to say ‘I Love You’ to mama bear. But whether a card, a keepsake, or anything else, sons and daughters wouldn’t necessarily give the same gift on mother’s day, let alone the same mother’s day card. 

So what to get the best mom ever this year? Son or daughter, this article will give you some helpful gift ideas that will keep dad jealous until father’s day, and show mom some affection between Christmas and Valentine’s day.

From Daughter to Mom

1. Freshwater Pearl Earrings with Sterling Silver Postbacks 

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - pearl earrings

The Banana Republic is a great place to go for ladies ’ jewelry. Many moms would love the classic look of these pearl earrings with sterling silver post-backs from Banana Republic, for instance.

 2. Personalized and Stylish Keychains

There are plenty of fashionable keychains available for mom too--tons online, like this flashy L.A. Dodgers one from which would make a great gift from daughter to mom. A keychain will not only help mom stay stylish but make her life easier via its practical function too!

3. Pendant Necklace from Banana Republic

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - pendant necklaces

The classic pendant necklace is always a favorite for moms to get from their daughters. For instance, this beautiful necklace from Banana Republic will make even the most fashion-critical mom proud that her daughter has such an eye for design. 

4. A DIY Mother’s Day Gift Puzzle


Daughters are known to test moms’ patience at times. On the other hand, a mom’s patience can be put to some amazing uses-- including puzzle-making. And the time mom and daughter spend on puzzles can be a gift in itself. Try assembling a mouth-watering macaroon puzzle from Newverest with her, for instance.

5. Haircare to Make The Perfect Gift

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - hair care

Many moms consider their hair to be important parts of their characters. So help them show their truest beauty with some hair products like a natural shampoo or soap set containing her favorite scents. For instance, have her try this fortifying shampoo, which will make mom’s hair strong as well as shiny and luscious.

6. A skincare gift box for her special day

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - Baxter oil free moisturizer

Daughters understand that dermatology is important. Since what we show the most to people throughout our busy lives is our faces, it’s what we should focus on making look good. So why run with this wisdom and bond with mom over the perfect set of skincare products?

For instance, this luxury oil-free moisturizez from Banana Republic will rise to the occasion of her special day. A loving daughter could include it as part of Mom’s perfect skincare gift box.

7. An Essential Oil Diffuser by Pure Enrichment

sential oil di

Moms works hard... and a little R&R is probably just what mom needs for Mother's Day! An essential oil diffuser is a great way to add a spa-like ambiance to your home. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the diffuser, and it will gently release the fragrance into the air and voila! an instant calming and soothing home spa!

8. Sports Figurines

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - figurines

Moms love pretty, sentimental baubles, especially the ones that show her kids’ love for her. For instance this signed figurine of baseball star Bob Feller would thrill any mom who’s an MLB fan.

9. Scented candles of Mom's favorite pro sports team

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - candles

Another great smelling gift idea for mom is candles--a staple for any comfortable, inviting household. Maybe try a DIY candle project to show off your crafting abilities to your best friend. Candle-making sets are widely available in stores and online at sites such as Macey’s and Banana Republic. Some candle manufacturers also offer DIY set with their brand’s aromas and materials. Or surprise the NFL-obsessed mom with a Dallas Cowboys Candle!

10. Wall Art for The Sporty Mom

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - artwork

Another very daughter-to-mom mother’s day gift is artwork. Whether it be made by the daughter in question or another artist, a happy mom is one whose dwelling sparkles with eye-catching, mood-enhancing art. For example, the NFL mom from above might also love a New England Patriots metal poster.

Alternatively, you can always head down to a local art supply store, grab a canvas, brushes, and some paints, and create something memorable for mom. Maybe try charming her with her own portrait or one of the family pets. The perfect gift is often one made by the giver themselves.

Handprinted artwork is also popular among moms who want to preserve memories of their kids’ youths. So if you are a young one looking for a first mother’s day gift for mom, try making a hand-print painting, or a handprint relief in clay or plaster.

11. Picture Frames that remind the best mom of her favorite team

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - picture frame

Of course, if you choose to give mom something frameable, it would be incomplete without one. There are lots of stylish, customizable frame vendors out there. For moms who are fans of the MLB, try this Yankees themed frame.

12. Flip The Script And Make a Dinner That Says I Love You

If you’re an older kid who wants to give mom the gift of keeping a younger one busy for a while, try a sporting goods kit from, which consists of all the necessary gear for a given game. Baseball boxes are popular, for instance.

13. A Massaging Gadget


mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - shitatsu massager


If the daughter in the family has the lotions and soaps covered, a son can complete mom’s spa-themed mother’s day by giving her a nifty electronic massager. There are many available, and they come in all shapes and sizes. 

For instance, some are handheld--like this Shiatsu Neck Massager, which is designed to release tension in the upper body, shoulders, and neck. Alternatively, there are seat-cover massagers that can take care of mom’s back while she is relaxing.

14. A Good Book

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - a good book

Sometimes all mom needs is a good book to destress with at the end of the day. There are lots of good novels out there to help her escape. For instance, Room by Emma Donaghue tells a story that highlights the deep bond between mother and son. Or for some sports literature, give mom the Rutledge Book of Baseball.

15. Don’t Forget Live Sports Among Your Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If mom is too busy to attend all the high school sports games of her son or daughter, one sweet gift for her could be letting her stream them using the NFHS network service. Or let a sports fan mom dream by signing her up with a fantasy league team on

Best Mother’s Day Gifts From Son

16. Personalized Baseball Mugs From Dugout Mugs

If mom would rather keep her autographed mug as a keepsake, these personalized baseball bat mugs from are the perfect gift to go with her cup of joe… or just a nice glass of wine. Our personal favorites are these photo mugs - maybe combine her favorite picture of her favorite kid with her favorite sport to give her the perfect thank you for being such a great mom.

17. A Fashionable Crew Neck T-Shirt

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - tshirts

One simple way for a son to give their mom a gift for her closet is via the t-shirt route. This everyday article is much more comfortable than many things a mom might wear, and it is easy to find a design that matches her style. The Banana Republic, for instance, has a great t-shop with lots of stylish shirts for mom.

18. A Sweater To Represent A New Moms Favorite Team

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - new york yankees sweater

Sweaters are also a safe fashion item for a son to gift mom this mother’s day. Warm and simple, sweaters are a hard gift by which to go wrong, even for mom. Try this New York Yankees Sweater so mom can keep warm at the game.

19. A Pair Of MLB Slippers For The Best Mom Ever!

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - mama bear slippers

Another great way to keep mom warm and cozy this mother’s day is by giving her some slippers. And since slippers are typically for the home, sons won’t have to worry about their mom’s precise fashion sense for this one.

These "MAMA BEAR" slippers from Macys are sure to keep her charmed until her birthday rolls around. 

20. A Stylish Tote Bag

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - totes and bags

Many women, including moms, depend heavily on that favorite bag--and not that tiny clutch or purse either. A busy mom needs something bigger to keep her everyday items, groceries, and more on hand. So try making her life easier by replacing that tattered grocery bag with a handsome tote bag with a nice design. 

For something a little more heavy-duty than an everyday tote but just as stylish, try a sleek duffle bag from

21. New Moms Love A Bathrobe To Relax In


mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - bathrobe


Bathrobes are another easy gift with which to fill mom’s closet this mother’s day. They are famously cozy and are available in designs from understated to outlandish. And this flattering Banana Republic robe will be sure to please. She can spend all mother’s day long in this comfortable outfit.

22. A Golden Wristwatch Keepsake Is One Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - wristwatch

Watches will never go out of fashion for moms--if for no other reason besides their crucial function. So how about giving mom one of these sleek bamboo and gold bangle watches from A son couldn’t go wrong with giving such a handsome timepiece.

23. The Mom’s Day Gift Card For Sports Collectibles

Most moms will happily accept a gift card if it is from the right place. That’s where a son’s knowledge of his mum comes in--does she prefer brunch? Or movies? Or how about that coffee? There are gift cards out there for moms with even the most obscure interests, tastes, and hobbies. For instance, for the sports-loving mom, offers gift cards of various values.

24. A Fun NFL Lawn Ornament Is One Of The More Unique Gift Ideas We’ve Seen!

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - ornaments

With so much available online, it's easy to help moms adorn their gardens with whatever decor tickles their fancy. For a mom who loves the NFL, there’s always this New England Patriots garden statue.

25. A Bamboo Planter Pot Set Is Another Unique Gift That Says I Love You


An observant son will understand that gardening can be hard--though rewarding--work. And sometimes the tools at hand are simply not up to the task anymore. So try overhauling the garden shed with a set of new pots. This beautiful bamboo wood planter set from Macy’s will surely thrill mom as she puts together her ideal garden. With these she can make her garden planters just as gorgeous as the garden itself. Bamboo is strong and durable too!

26. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Like This Birdhouse Are Sure To Please

A mother’s green thumb tends to attract certain animals as well as plants since the two tend to coexist. And when it attracts birds, mom won’t want them destroying her plants. So help her prevent this while still allowing her feathered friends to visit. After all, their singing might go nicely with the song of the wind chimes. This distinct metal birdhouse can be an accent piece for a beautiful home garden. With any luck her back yard will be alive with birdsong.

28. Cookbooks

A mom who loves to cook is always looking for new recipes, and the internet is full of books of the very best ones. Maybe help to introduce mom to new cuisine with a dedicated cookbook. For example, In Bibis Kitchen is a popular recipe book and guide to African cooking. For moms interested in Korean cooking, My Korea is another bestseller available on Amazon.

29. Appliances

If mom loves her smoothies and soups, why not upgrade her blender this mother’s day? These versatile countertop appliances will help her achieve culinary supremacy in the household. 

30. Premium Grill Set by Baseball BBQ

mothers day gifts from sons and daughters - implements

A chef-mom will need to have the supplies and implements that rise to her skill level. So perhaps try replacing her old knife set, or treat her to a fancy tea or chopstick set. For the mom who barbecues why not get a premium grill set, for instance.

Mother's Day Mastery

This list of mother’s day gift recommendations should’ve been able to put sons and daughters at ease in their quest to please mom on her special day. Whether the mom in question is a gardener, a cook, an art lover, or a spa queen, the ideas above offer her kids a good resource on what to look for.