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Truly Unique Father's Day Gifts For Baseball Lovers

December 21, 2018

Truly Unique Father's Day Gifts For Baseball Lovers

Finding A Memorable Gift For A Baseball Fan Has Never Been Easier

Whether you’re heading into the Christmas season, there’s an upcoming birthday or you need ideas for Father's Day gifts for baseball lovers, you can quickly fall for some very common mistakes.

This is especially the case when you’re not a fan of the game and tend to just go for some safe options that you find on baseball merchandise in online stores. A quick Google search later, and you’ll have a long list of many things that are all just going to be boring dust catchers.

The difficulty lies in finding the time to do some research and then finding something that you can say for sure is not something they already have.

I’ve lost count of how many team logo baseballs, keyrings and socks I’ve received over the years. But there are some tips that we can give you to help you find something that will stand out and be remembered for years to come.

What Makes A Gift Unique?

If you’re buying for any kind of sports fan, then chances are that they have tons of gadgets and memorabilia of their favorite team. Some might even have a converted garage or games room kitted out like a sports bar in the theme of a specific team.

For people like that it can be very difficult to find something they don’t already have. But just finding something new doesn’t really cover uniqueness.

Yes, it might be the first of a kind, but if it’s not going to be used, then any kind of uniqueness will be completely pointless.

You want someone to open the gift and maybe even question what it is at first. And upon closer inspection, realize that it’s incredibly cool and ideally useful on many occasions.

The most important thing though is to avoid buying things that baseball fans receive almost every birthday and Christmas.

You’re probably guilty of some of these too…

What Does Every Baseball Fan Already Have?

Oh, that list could go on for many pages, but there are a few things that you really can strike off your idea-list. If you’re buying for a parent, sibling or spouse, then the first thing you can do is have a look through wardrobes and desk drawers.

This is where you will likely find the majority of baseball gifts that never really made the cut.

You don’t want to be the person who buys a baseball or bat with a team logo, pairs of socks, caps, keyrings, posters or mouse pads.

What these gifts say is that you went as far as finding out what their favorite team was and then just bought the first thing you could find.

It just shouts that you didn’t spend time researching things, and on special occasions and Father’s Day that’s not the best way to show your appreciation.

The Expensive Options

There are a couple of things that you can buy that will really stand out and definitely will be appreciated. But these things will require quite a bit of a budget, so keep that in mind.

First of all, something a baseball fan will never say no to is season tickets for their team’s home games. But even if you can’t afford tickets for an entire season, you could splash out for some really great seats at an upcoming game. Like a front row seat behind the dugout.

Imagine the smile that will put on their face!

Another great option is to buy some signed memorabilia of their favorite players. Now you can spend tens of thousands of dollars for Babe Ruth items, but you can get something from more current players on a lower budget.

When it’s nicely framed, it will become a very proud possession.

But baseball's Father's Day gift ideas should not just focus on the amount you spend. In most cases, you just want to give something small as a thank you to a great dad.

And that’s where we have a totally biased tip for you.

The Ideal Gift For Father’s Day

Dugout Mugs focuses on being the world’s leading source of unique gifts for every type of baseball fan imaginable, which is why we are known for stocking memorabilia with the uniqueness that you should be aiming for.

When you imagine your dad opening up one of our beer mugs or wine glasses that are shaped like mini baseball bats, they will have that initial look of bewilderment. But when they figure out what it actually is, you’ll see that huge smile you’re looking for.

Carved from wood and shaped to resemble a bat, you really are giving the gift of the game in a way that will be used on a regular basis for years to come. Ask yourself, how often does that dad you’re buying for enjoy a beer during the game? It probably happens more often than he’d admit in mixed company.

However, all our products are available in 30 different MLB logos!

Check Out Our Most Popular Personalization

Not only can you buy beer mugs, wine glasses and small shot glasses with officially licensed team logos,  you can also add a more personal touch to your gift. All of our products can be customized with names or a special message for a beloved dad.

Your creativity is the limit, and with that personal touch it will be forever remembered and associated with you.

We regularly receive orders for Father's Day gifts

From baseball team members who want to get something for a coach or mentor, especially in Little League. Showing such appreciation for the hard work and patience that volunteer coaches put in is a wonderful way to say thank you.
Check out the dedicated section on our website to personalize your mug in time for that special someone. You won’t forget the smile on their face.

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