The Best Baseball Gifts for Dad This Year

January 09, 2019

The Best Baseball Gifts for Dad This Year

Buying amazing baseball gifts for your dad seems simple enough at first until you've gotten past the obvious options like a catcher's glove and a pair of baseball-themed cufflinks. Every year brings with it new opportunities for gift-giving, including the festive season, your dad's birthday, and of course, the all-important Father's Day. So how do you make sure that you're buying your dad something he can appreciate?

Well, we can't give you all of the ideas you're ever going to need, but we can give you a handful of creative choices to keep you going for this year. Just don't blame us if we help you set the standard for being the best gift giver in your family.

1. Dugout Baseball Gifts for Dad

Let's start with perhaps the most impressive option on our list, the customizable gifts available from Dugout mugs. Available in both beer and wine-glass styling, the Dugout mug is designed using a baseball bat frame, for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic you can't get anywhere else.

Not only are these beautifully-carved mugs unique to begin with, but you can also make your gift even more exciting by customizing it with the logo of your father's favorite baseball team, his name, and even the date you're celebrating. If you want to go all-out, consider getting him the full wined-up and mug gift set.

2. A Silk Baseball-Themed Necktie

Again, we know that a tie seems a little trite at first glance but bear with us. If you know your dad loves showing off his personal sense of style, then treat him to something that's a lot more than just your average dad tie. A silk tie printed with different pitches, ballparks or even baseball players is a great way to let your father show off his love of America's favorite pastime in the classiest way possible.

You can rest assured that your dad's new silk necktie will be his go-to accessory every time he has to dress up for an important family event. Congratulations on being the new favorite among your siblings.

3. Tickets to a Baseball Gifts

Sometimes, the best gifts for your beloved dad have to be the classics. For instance, if you know your father is a fan of watching the sport in real life, but he rarely has the money to pay for tickets to a game, check out your options at some of your local ballparks. If you don't have enough cash to pay for a ticket for your dad to see his favorite players live in action, you could potentially set him up with tickets to a minor-league game instead.

If nothing else, a set of tickets to a game will give you and your dad some amazing opportunities to bond over a hot dog as you check out the talent on the pitch.

4. A Baseball Bottle Opener and His Favorite Beer

What could be better than sitting down for a baseball game with your family and an ice-cold beer? If you're looking for cost-effective and straightforward baseball gifts for dad, start with something basic - like the relaxing day or afternoon that he's been waiting for. A baseball-themed bottle opener made out of half a carved-up ball is a great way to have some fun with a novelty themed gift.

Just don’t' forget to pair your present with a six-pack of your dad's favorite drinks so he can put his new toy to the test as soon as possible. Once you've given him the beer and bottle opener, set up an old game on the TV and let him get some R&R.

5. A Baseball Jersey

If you're looking for a particularly high-quality gift that you're sure your dad will treasure for years to come, then you can't go wrong with a baseball jersey. Decide whether your father would prefer to show his colors in an away or home strip, then head to the official MLB store to find the jersey that's right for you.

You can also find plenty of other accompanying pieces of apparel to add to this gift throughout the year. For instance, why not start with a baseball jersey for his birthday, then combine a hat with a pair of themed socks on Father's Day?

6. A Baseball Book

If your dad loves expanding his mind almost as much as he enjoys watching baseball, why not look for a gift that allows you to combine the best of both worlds? There are plenty of novels out there about baseball, but we think that the best option has to be a book that allows your dad to check out the full history of his favorite team.

Not only will a book on the heritage of your father's favorite baseball team help him form a deeper connection with the players, but it also means that he'll be able to share some great anecdotes the next time he's breaking the ice at a family event.

7. A Man Cave Sign

Is there a spare room in the house where your dad goes to get some time to himself? Maybe he's taken over the shed or garage, or he's starting to transform the basement into a small man cave where he can catch up on old recordings of his favorite baseball games throughout history. Help your pop make that space his own by buying him a personalized tavern or pub sign, complete with a baseball theme.

When you're looking for baseball gifts for dad, there are plenty of pieces of art and wall hangings out there that can give a little extra pizazz to the room in the house that your dad loves the most. The only problem is that you might make the room so cozy that he has trouble getting out of it again. Don't worry; a cold beer will usually do the trick as a lure!

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