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Sports Gifts for Men With That Personal Touch

December 19, 2018

Sports Gifts for Men With That Personal Touch

Sports Gift Ideas for Men With A Passion for Their Teams

Whether it’s your brother, son, uncle, spouse or boyfriend, finding great sports gifts for men can become a bigger challenge than you might have planned for. Too many people buy the obvious gifts; those that everyone else buys as well and only end up catching dust.

And if you look at the desks and wardrobes of any sports fan, then you’ll find an endless supply of gifts that simply have no use or worse yet, were for the wrong team or sport.

This is, unfortunately, something that happens a lot, and our baseball fans here at Dugout Mugs have their fair share of these weird gifts. We get them out every so often, just to have a good laugh.

In some cases, we can even remember who gave them to us, but sadly for the wrong reasons.

If you want to avoid falling into the same trap, then make sure you are prepared. The best way to do this is by taking the advice on this page.

So let’s get started.

Make Sure You Do Your Research

Nothing says “I really didn’t think about this gift” more than buying a sports gift for the wrong team, player or worse yet, the wrong sport. Yes, this does happen, and any true sports fan will probably have had to deal with that moment of shock.

You don’t want to be the person who bought a Patriots gift for a Jets fan and you don’t want to mix up the colors between the Red Sox and the White Sox.

This means doing a bit of research and maybe even asking friends of the person you’re buying a gift for. If you’re not a fan of the sport or the team, then it can be very easy to make a mistake here.

If it’s not a last-minute gift you’re looking for, then you should also consider asking the person some questions about what they like about the sport or a player. If all of that seems too obvious, you can always simply ask about when they first got interested in the sport.

It Doesn’t Have to Be A Professional Team

Once you know the team, player and most importantly the sport, it is time to start looking at some different gift ideas that match the team. However, you don’t have to focus only on professional league teams.

Many sports fans will have started their love for the sport in early childhood. And if you can find out what team they played with as a child, it can be a fantastic surprise to get something with that team logo or name.

The main idea is to not only focus on the top professional teams as everyone does that as a starting point. If you keep an open mind, then you can find some truly unique ideas.

Don’t Buy What Everybody Else Buys

What do we mean by that?

Basically, sports fans will regularly receive the same type of gift. It happens every birthday and Christmas. And it often happens that people buy the same thing every single year.

If you look in sock drawers around the country, you’ll find endless pairs with team logos on them. Yes, they are convenient and, in most cases, do get worn. But they really don’t make you stand out from everyone else.

Baseball caps and scarves are also very common gifts, but they will always just say that you really didn’t put much thought into it.

One way you can make a gift very memorable is to find something valuable. And this generally means something signed by a famous player. Either a retired or active player, and the costs for such gifts can become very expensive.

When you’re doing your research you basically don’t want to find the first online merchandise store and buy something from their standard list. This is a guaranteed way to buy something that most other people are going to find.

Unique and Personal: Personalized Sports Gifts

Personalized sports gifts are one of the easiest ways to make something really unique. You’ve probably seen kids and grown men with team jerseys and their own names printed on the back.

Especially with kids, this is a very popular way to spark those dreams of a professional career.

But you can also personalize gifts by having specific messages, jokes or "inside baseball" slang that shows that you have put that little bit of thought into the gift.

If it’s something that you cannot just pick off a shelf with a little more thought than making sure it’s the right sport and team, then you’re already way ahead of what most people will do.

And when you combine personalization with a truly unique item, then you’re well on the way to a winner.

And in our biased opinion, this is probably the best idea you will find.

The Perfect Baseball Gift

Here at Dugout Mugs we have a rather simple but unique set of baseball gifts. They are suitable for all MLB fans, as we are fully licensed to provide our products with all 30 MLB team logos.

But the team logos are not what makes our products so unique. Most men that follow baseball will spend a lot of their time watching games. And in most cases that will involve enjoying a beer or glass of wine.

And when watching a championship-deciding playoff game with friends, then the odd shots might be involved as well.

Our selection of mugs, wine and shot glasses is carved out of wood and are unmistakably related to baseball. And not just because they will have a team logo on them.

You can even take advantage of our personalization service where you can choose to add a name or message to really make it a personal statement.

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