Baseball Coach Gifts to Thank Your Little League Coach

January 03, 2019

Baseball Coach Gifts to Thank Your Little League Coach

Want to give your son or daughter's baseball coach a truly incredible gift this year? Ignore the standard boxes of chocolates and flowers that other parents seem to pile on each year and try something a little different. If your local little league coach has turned your youngster's life around, inspired them to accomplish incredible things, and taken them off your hands for a few hours each week, they deserve something amazing.

Whether you're buying for the holiday season, you're looking for a gift to deliver after a big win, or you simply want to show your coach how much you appreciate their hard work, it's time to get creative with your gift-giving strategies. Here are our top suggestions for baseball coach gifts that are sure to blow them away.

1. Custom Dugout Mug (The BEST Baseball Coach Gifts Option)

While plaques and tidbits from students over the years are sure to be adorable for a few minutes, but quickly forgotten about after a couple of weeks, a personalized mug carved out of a baseball bat is something that no dedicated coach can ignore. Available in both standard beer glass and wine-glass design, the Dugout Mug is one of the most innovative baseball coach gifts available today, ideal for when you need something extra special.

The Dugout team gives you plenty of ways to customize your mug according to your needs. For instance, you could put the date when your coach first started training on the mug, along with their name and the name of their little league team. Show them that you've put some real time and effort into choosing the ultimate gift. You can even top up your gift with additional presents throughout the year. For instance, buy a mug during Christmas, then give them the wine glass at the end of the season, or even a bottle opener with a similar design!

2. Baseball-Themed Art

Most little leagues coaches probably won't hang all of the plaques they get from happy parents and children on their walls, but they might feel more comfortable showcasing a piece of tasteful, baseball-themed art in their recreation or game rooms. There are websites like that create sports prints out of words. For instance, you could ask for a custom art print that includes all the names of the people your coach has helped over the years.

If you're looking for something a little simpler, there are plenty of alternative art options out there, including 3D printed art, and even bar signs printed on metal to give them that unbeatable rustic and traditional appearance.

3. Training Aids and Equipment

Even the best coaches need the right equipment if they're going to give their students the support and guidance they need. For instance, you could consider buying your coach a ball coach pocket radar that helps them to track the performance of pitchers on the field. The radar device tracks how fast and how far each person on the team can hit the ball during a game, which is great for when your little league coach is trying to help young athletes boost their performance.

Even something as simple as a new baseball bat and glove that your coach can use when he's taking a break from the training life and enjoying the game at home with his family can be enough to blow him away. Take a look at some of the equipment available on the market and ask yourself what you can buy that won't make it look like you're telling your coach how to do his job!

4. Signed Ball and Display Stand

The best baseball coach gifts are always the ones that have significant meaning. If there's a specific game or date that means something to your coach, why not get them a gift that highlights that all-important moment? For instance, you could get a baseball that has been printed with the date of their most impressive little league win. There are even calligraphers online that will use special ink and artistry to make the ball look incredible.

Once you receive your customized baseball, simply place it in a glass case or cube so that your youngster's baseball coach can admire and enjoy it for years to come. Remember, you're going to need to find a display case that's attractive, but also protected against things like UV rays that might bleach out the ink written on the ball over time. There are many display cases out there specifically designed for signed baseballs and even signed baseball bats.

5. Custom Clothing

Finally, if you're struggling to find the right baseball coach gifts, then why not give your child's teacher a uniform that they can wear every time they come to an important game? Chances are that for the most part, your little league coach will simply wear their spare shirts and shorts to baseball games, which may not be their preferred choice of attire. If you can, find out the name of your coach's favorite baseball team and get them a shirt in those colors with their name emblazoned on it.

Alternatively, you can consider getting them a hat or shirt that's designed with the logo of the team that they coach. This is a great way to bring something extra special to the gift, and the chances are that your coach will wear the clothing more often if it displays the name of their team, as they'll see it as a good way to motivate the players. If a full shirt seems like too much, or you don't want to take a risk and get the wrong colors, then stick with a hat or even a novelty tie.

There you have it - 5 incredible gift ideas for when you want to give your coach something special. Don't stick to the standard cufflinks or novelty trophies that your coach gets every year when you could get something truly incredible. Set yourself apart this year and find something unique!

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