7 Baseball Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Groomsmen

January 08, 2019

7 Baseball Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Groomsmen

No Bachelor Party Should End Without These Perfect Baseball Gift Ideas...

The big day is just around the corner, but before you declare your undying love to your bride to be, it's important to show your groomsmen just how much you've valued their support over the years.

Groomsmen gifts are a wonderful way to show your friends how much you care, and they could also be your last chance to bribe them into trashing their most embarrassing speeches. The trouble is, the standard groomsmen cufflinks and bachelor party shirts are overplayed and over-done. So, what do you do if you want a gift that's truly unique?

The simple answer is start with a great theme that everyone loves, like baseball, and work from there. You'd be surprised how many amazing baseball gift ideas you come up with.

1. Custom Dugout Mugs - Great for Unique Baseball Gift Ideas

If you're looking for something truly sensational and unique to give your groomsmen, then you can't go wrong with a Dugout mug or wine glass. These personalized mugs are carved out of actual baseball bats, for a unique aesthetic that you just can't get anywhere else.

To make the gift even more special, you can have it customized with the date of your wedding, the names of your groom party and even a special message if you like. If you're looking for something extra special to get your best man, you can combine the standard mug with the Dugout "Wined up" mug for the perfect combination.

2. Personalized Baseballs

Speaking of personalized baseball gift ideas, how about a baseball that's been beautifully engraved with the name of your groomsman, and the date of your wedding? You could even pay for a calligraphy artist on Etsy to paint important details onto the ball so that they don't damage the item itself.

Combine your beautifully customized gift with a glass display case and you've got something that your groomsmen can enjoy for years to come. Plus, it will be small enough that their own wives can't complain about the extra space it's taking up in the living room.

3. Custom Baseball Shirt

Go all-out with gifts for your best friends and order them a baseball shirt in the colors of their favorite team. This way, you'll have a fantastic item that your friend can wear whenever they want to reminisce about your big day. What's more, if you really want to make your wedding party unique, you could even ask your friends to wear their shirts under their suits for a few fun pictures at the end of the ceremony.

With everyone wearing their chosen colors, you're sure to have some great images to share on your Facebook wall, and frame for your friends later if you want to. You could even invite your friends to wear their custom shirts on the stag do, although there's a chance that they could end up getting ruined this way before the big day. 

4. Baseball Caps

If a whole baseball shirt seems like a bit much when you've just spent a fortune on your wedding, then cut costs a little bit with a baseball cap or woolen hat as your baseball gift ideas. Again, you can ask your friends to bring their hats to the wedding party and wear them for a few fantastic photos at the end of the day.

The great thing about the hat is that it's not going to get creased or make your pals unbearably hot. When they don't want to wear their hats anymore, they can just whip it off and take it home with them at the end of the night.

Just make sure that you know for certain which teams your friends support before you start buying the caps, or you could end up with some arguments on the big day.

5. Baseball Tie

Want to give your friends a unique groomsmen gift and really spruce up the wedding party at the same time? Instead of choosing a specific color of tie for the people in your group, create a set of custom baseball ties in the colors of the teams that they support, and ask them to wear those ties instead. The gift allows your friend to bring something personal to your wedding day, and it's a great way to add something special to your photos.

If your bride-to-be would rather have more consistency in the photos, you can always just choose a baseball-themed tie with a baseball tie-pin instead.

6. A Baseball Flask

Sometimes, the best baseball gift ideas are simple and easy. For instance, who doesn't love sitting down to watch a game with a drink? A flask can be a great way to give your groomsmen something they can use to remember your day and make the most out of their future games. Engrave the date of your wedding onto the metal, just remember to give them the flask after the day is over.

The last thing you want is some of your rowdier groomsmen  sneaking extra alcohol into the ceremony and causing a ruckus at the last minute.

7. Baseball Cards

Finally, for a unique and nostalgic gift that's not going to break the bank, why not get your friends a traditional baseball card featuring a player from their favorite team? This is a great opportunity to show your friends how well you know them and remind them of how long you've been friends. You could even search for cards that specifically come from the date when you first met your groomsman if you have some extra cash to splash.

The key thing to remember with baseball cards is that it can take some time to track down the right ones, even if you're not looking for a particularly rare card. With that in mind, it's a good idea to start looking as early as possible if you think this idea might be the right one for you. The

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