6 Knockout Baseball Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Party

January 04, 2019

6 Knockout Baseball Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Party

You've booked the venue, found the ideal photographer, and you even know who is going to be responsible for catering. Now all you need to do is figure out what kind of gifts you're going to give to your wedding party to let them know that you appreciate their hard work and commitment. It's tempting to go with the standard options, like a pair of cufflinks or a basic money clip when you're pressed for time. However, let's face it - these presents aren't very inspiring.

If your wedding party has been with you and your bride-to-be through thick and thin, and they've gone above and beyond to make your big day as special as possible, then they deserve something amazing in return. Fortunately, if you're feeling stuck for inspiration, we've got some great baseball gift ideas for your wedding party that are sure to impress sports fans.

1. Custom Mugs from Dugout Mugs (The Ultimate Baseball Gift Ideas)

When it comes to choosing the ultimate gift ideas for your wedding party, you can't go wrong with something that's as unique and interesting as a custom Dugout Mug. Available in beer glass or wine glass style, the Dugout Mug is carved out of an actual baseball bat, delivering a fantastic appearance perfect for anyone who loves America's favorite pastime.

The thing that makes your Dugout custom mug extra special is the fact that you can customize it with additional things, like the date of your wedding, or the names of the people in your wedding party. You can even add the names of you and your partner on the mug so that your loved ones will always be reminded of your special day.

2. Personalized Baseballs

Showcase your love of baseballs and deliver a fantastic low-budget gift to your wedding party with a selection of personalized baseballs. There are plenty of amazing calligraphers and artists on Etsy and similar websites who will add the names of your wedding party onto a set of baseballs for you, complete with the date of your wedding and any other details that you might like to include.

The options are potentially endless with customized baseballs, and they're often very affordable, too. What's more, you'll be able to take the gift to the next level by placing your baseballs into small glass cubes or containers so that your friends can display them at home. Just remember to buy a container that's protected against UV light, so you can rest assured that the words written on the baseballs you use won't fade over time.

3. Custom Cigar or Jewelry Boxes

Your decision on whether to purchase a jewelry box or cigar box for your wedding party will depend on who the gift is for. However, either way, you've got a great option to add some extra special baseball-themed details to these gifts. When you're looking for baseball gift ideas that aren't too dramatic, a custom box is a great option, because you can decide to include whatever you like.

Some people will have baseball images carved into the wood of the box itself, while others might add baseball-themed items into the box. For instance, for men you could have baseball cards and baseball-themed bottle openers, while the women get elegant pieces of jewelry. The details are completely up to you. You could even include an entire baseball in a cigar box if you get one that's big enough. Just make sure that you know the dimensions before you start ordering the treats to fill your boxes with.

4. Customized Bats and Gloves

Purchasing a series of customized bats and gloves might not be the perfect option for someone who's looking for a budget-friendly idea for their wedding party gifts. A high-quality customized bat can be very expensive, as can a nice glove if you want your gift recipient to be able to use the equipment they get. If you're willing to pay for something that's "display only", then you might be able to reduce the prices slightly.

Either way, if you've got the cash to splash, then customized bats and gloves can be a fantastic option for the baseball enthusiasts in your wedding party. Imagine asking everyone you love to line up with their own custom baseball bat when you're getting your wedding photos taken - that's a great way to make your wedding album stand out!

5. Custom Shirts and Ties

If you don't have enough money to go for baseball gift ideas that are particularly extravagant, like a custom bat or glove, then you can still get the unique images that you want for your wedding album by taking a different route. For instance, consider getting the authentic shirts of your wedding party's favorite teams and embroidering their names onto material. When the time comes to take your pictures with the wedding party, have your team unbutton their shirts just enough to show off their colors underneath.

If you're having a summer wedding, or you're concerned that your bridal party won't be able to work with a custom shirt at the big event, you could consider alternative options instead, like baseball-themed ties or hats that your loved ones can wear just for the duration of the photography session.

6. Novelty Trophies

Most people turn to novelty trophies for baseball gift ideas when they're looking for a way to say thank you to a dedicated coach or little league volunteer. However, a plaque or trophy for the people in your wedding party could be a great way to make sure that everyone you care about most feels like a winner when they turn up on your wedding day. You can get custom trophies and plaques that say virtually anything, and you can have them include the name of the gift recipient, the date of your wedding and more.

If you've got a particular theme (other than baseball) at your weddings, you can also have colored ribbons tied to the trophies so that they look great in any wedding party photos you might take throughout the day. The options are endless!

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