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6 Baseball Themed Gifts for the New Baseball Player in Your Life

December 27, 2018

6 Baseball Themed Gifts for the New Baseball Player in Your Life

Have you recently welcomed a new baseball player into your life? Maybe your daughter has a new boyfriend that's obsessed with baseball, or your child has decided that they want to be a professional player when they grow up. Whatever the reason you're searching for baseball themed gifts, make sure that you don't end up buying the same old boring presents that everyone defaults to when they're dealing with a baseball lover.

Although baseball themed cufflinks and posters for your child's room might be great at first, when you're looking for something for that extra-special occasion, it pays to take your creativity to the next level. That's why we've put together this list of amazing baseball gifts to give your new player.

1. Baseball Themed Gifts from Dugout Mugs

Give your new baseball player something truly unique with an incredible mug or wined up glass from Dugout Mugs. These unique accessories are made out of baseball bats, giving them an incredible aesthetic that you simply can't find anywhere else. Not only are these mugs fantastic to look at, but you can also make your gift extra special by adding extra customisation onto it too!

With Dugout mugs, you can add a logo, perhaps for your child's new Little League team, or your friends favorite players. You can also put a date or a name on your mugs, perhaps to commemorate the time your child started playing. The options are endless!

2. Baseball Movies or Baseball Tickets

If your new baseball lover is just getting into the sport for the first time, then now might be the best time to support their education with some fantastic viewing material. For instance, you could invest in a handful of the world's greatest baseball movies. Films like The Sandlot, Field of Dreams, or Rookie of the Year never go out of style. Just make sure that you choose the movie that's appropriate for the age of the person you're buying for.

If a baseball movie doesn't seem like much in today's age of streaming services, you could always take the viewing experience to the next level by buying your baseball fan tickets to see a local team live in action. Not only is it a great educational opportunity, but it's a fun day out too!

3. Baseball Bat Accessories

Sometimes, the best baseball themed gifts aren't just fun - they're practical too. If your child has recently started playing baseball, or your boyfriend is taking up the sport with their friends, why not help them out with a set of bat accessories? For instance, you could get a new grip for their baseball bat to help them give their existing bat extra life. Alternatively, to really make a bat shine, consider investing in a tub of pine tar. 

If you're working with a brand-new player, then you could always take your gift a step further and buy them a brand-new bat. Just remember that there are many different styles and sizes of bat available. New players often benefit from going into a sports shop where they can swing a few possible options around for a while before they decide on the bat that's right for them.

4. Coaching as a Gift

If you know that your new baseball lover really wants to hone their skills in the sport, why not pay for them to start lessons with a professional baseball coach? There are plenty of coaches out there that are willing to offer one-on-one or group lessons for both adults and children alike. For kids, this is also a great way to make some new friends and spend extra time outdoors!

If you're worried that baseball themed gifts like professional coaching might make your friend or loved one feel nervous, then you could always help them to hone their skills in another way. For instance, consider paying for a video analysis so that they can learn from their mistakes through tape and do their own training. Alternatively, you could invest in a solution like the Scoutee radar gun that helps people measure the speed of their pitching on the field.

5. New Baseball Equipment

While baseball equipment and accessories might not seem like the most exciting gift at first, it's something that any true baseball fan will need in their lives. For instance, consider making sure that your young new fan has everything they need to sign up for a local Little League, including a catcher's glove, a uniform, and a baseball bat that's just the right size for them to swing with power!

If the baseball fan in your life is a little older, you could invest in some high-quality equipment for them, such as one of the highest-quality bats you can find online, or a set of gloves that they can use to play with their friends. Find out if your loved one has any equipment that's getting old or past it's best before you start shopping, that way you make sure you're investing in items they really need.

6. Baseball Themed Clothing

Finally, one of the easiest options to consider when you're looking for baseball themed gifts to excite and amaze your loved ones, is customizable baseball clothing. You can look online for shirts and socks that are designed to match the uniforms that your gift recipient's favorite player wears. Some clothing stores will even allow you to add extra embellishments to the clothing that you buy so that it's extra unique. For instance, you could add your friend's name, or your child's favorite number.

When it comes to baseball themed clothing, there really is something out there for everyone, from baseball caps and wooly hats, to socks, shoes, and even sweaters. Depending on how much you're willing to spend on gifts, you can gradually fill up your loved one's wardrobe with all the custom memorabilia they would need to go out decked from head-to-toe in their favorite colors.

Just make sure that you know for sure which team the person you're giving the gift to supports before you buy anything. You'd hate to make a mistake here!

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