Dugout Mugs Does Denver: Makes Waves At All-Star Weekend

July 29, 2021

Dugout Mugs Does Denver: Makes Waves At All-Star Weekend

It's been a wild week at Dugout Mugs. Our team had the pleasure of heading out west to Denver, Colorado for the 2021 MLB All-Star Game.

In between networking with business partners, media outlets, meeting our amazing customers, and lining up future collaborations, we were able to witness a Home Run Derby for the record books, and the perennial battle between the best from the AL and the best from the NL.

Enjoy these photos from a memorable weekend and as always stay tuned for more exciting news in the Dugout. 

Always keep SWIGGIN' for the fences! 

MLB Draft

MLB All-Star weekend kicked off Sunday night with the MLB Draft. Gracing the table of each team and their representatives was a personalized Dugout Mug! Talk about hitting it out of the park right out of the gate. Congratulations to all those who were drafted as they take the first step in their major league careers.

Nick Swisher

It's your boy SWISH! Nick Swisher, a longtime friend of the Dugout, was in attendance to make the selection for the New York Yankees. Think he's excited about adding another Dugout Mug to his collection? Let's GOOOO!

MLB Players House

On Monday, we went to the MLB Players House, a lounge area for players, their families, agents, and MLBPA licensees. We had a couple of meetings there with businesses. It was an excellent opportunity for us to network and lay the foundation for future collaborations. Keep an eye out for big things happening in the Dugout.

MLB Play Ball Park

Later that day we ventured to MLB Play Ball Park jam-packed with fun-filled exhibits for fans. Our friends at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum had a sweet setup. By the time we arrived, the merchandise store was sold out of the MLB All-Star Collection Dugout Mugs they had ordered. To say they were a huge hit is an understatement.

Following our time at MLB Play Ball Park, we headed to a private event hosted by Coors where they awarded their top employees custom Dugout Mugs! 

2021 MLB All Star Game

We capped off Monday with a picturesque night at Coors Field and the 2021 Home Run Derby. Where do we begin?  A legendary Shohei Ohtani and Juan Soto matchup that saw the baseball fly well over 500 feet? Rockies shortstop Trevor Story advancing out of round one in his home ballpark, or a final showdown of two guys right from our backyard?

Home Run Derby

To see our guy Trey Mancini not only beat cancer but beat the heck out of the baseball, we couldn't be prouder of another individual who calls Winter Haven home. On the other end of the dual was Pete Alonso, the reigning champion who played his high school ball in Tampa before starring at the University of Florida.  Cheers to Pete who loves drinking from baseball bats as much as he does winning the Home Run Derby.

Jomboy Media

On Tuesday, we linked up with the Jomboy Media crew. We've been sponsoring them for the most part of this year as well as some of their All-Star game content. It's always fun to see them produce that content live and really get to know them.

Stainless Dugout MugRockies Team Store
Tuesday afternoon it was more meetings for potential collaborations and potential advertising deals with fun companies and innovative media outlets. All in all, the day was super productive and we are excited to be expanding the Dugout Mugs footprint.
MLB All Star Game

Tuesday night we were back at Coors Field for round two of events and the MLB All-Star Game. If we thought night one was exciting we were in for another treat less than 24 hours later. Ohtani clocking 100 MPH in the first inning and picking up the win after putting on a show in the home run derby despite not winning was incredible. 

Vlad Guerrero

What an unforgettable weekend of baseball from the MLB Draft, to an epic home run Derby and yet another AL victory in the All-Star Game with our guy Vladdy winning MVP. They say if you drink from bats, it helps you perform at the plate in addition to just making you a stud.
We want to know what are you looking forward to the most in the second half? Will Pete Alonso put his offensive prowess to work? Can Ohtani continue his dominance as the best two-way star we've seen since Babe Ruth?

Which team makes a splash at the trade deadline and who will we see in the postseason?

Let us know on Twitter and Instagram and follow us for amazing giveaways and content from your favorite athletes!  We raise a barrel to you for all of your support and more baseball!