5 Overlooked Aspects of being part of a Baseball Team

October 02, 2018

5 Overlooked Aspects of being part of a Baseball Team

If a person spends enough time on a dirt diamond - they will quickly realize that the game of baseball pays a person in unconventional good times, good conversation, and good people. The Thompson Mug Company, creators of the Dugout Mug (baseball bat mug) broke down what they believe are the five most overlooked things about being part of a team in the game of baseball:

1. The pranks in the dugout and the clubhouse. 

There is something about being "in" on a prank, and the dude (about to be pranked) having no idea what is about to hit him. The act of trying to "be casual" while watching the prank be set up and executed is priceless.

2. You and your teammates having long, detailed, heated debates of hypothetical scenarios that will never happen.

One of our favorite of all time..."a war breaks out amongst all states...who wins the war? Keep in mind the geographical location, the type of people, the population, etc." When there is a group of guys from all around the country in the same clubhouse - the discussion becomes interesting. 

3. The games within the game.

Baseball guys know...the Hat Game, Cities, Snaps. Being able to "sniff" someone. Getting someone with a "finger circle" below the belt. Trying to spit seeds in a cup. Solve a riddle. All the games that go on within the game.

4. Absurd team/individual superstitions ... that just ...somehow ... work. 

True Story: while eating a bag of Cheetos on a bus trip on the way to a road series, a teammate came across a oddly shaped Cheeto. The Cheeto looked like a lower case "h." He deemed it the "hit Cheeto" and told his teammates about the "hit Cheeto" in the pregame meeting. His teammates bought in, and their offense exploded for that three game series, as every hitter was touching the "hit Cheeto" before going to the on-deck circle. Strange, but true. 

5. The stories.

Go sit in a dugout or clubhouse, and there are nothing but story tellers. Something happened last night that has a group of guys sitting around listening, laughing, and in complete shock. 

The game of baseball is truly a brotherhood. Long days are spent together, and a person leans on their teammates durning the hard times. Cheers to the brotherhood & drink from bats!