Troopers United Foundation


Thompson Mugs is proud to offer this OFFICIAL "Troopers United" Dugout Mug™ Collection! Choose between the "T.U.F. Skull" bat mug, or the "NJ State Troopers Logo" bat mug. Save $10 when you order the combo pack!


  • FAST Shipping - Ships within a week!
  • Proudly Manufactured in North America!
  • Beautifully laser engraved baseball mug
  • 10" (height) x 2.75" (diameter)
  • Holds 12 Ounces of Liquid
  • Don't Use in Microwave/Dishwasher

This is an OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN for the Troopers United Foundation, and all proceeds will belong to them. If you have questions, please contact: