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Austin Riley Baseball Bat Mug | Atlanta Braves | Signature Series Dugout Mug®

Let's use logic - baseball fans should drink from baseball bats...right?

Dugout Mugs® proudly presents the Austin Riley Signature Series Dugout Mug®, complete with Riley's signature and the Atlanta Braves 'A' engraved directly onto this baseball bat mug!

Makes a truly unique baseball gift for a baseball fan. The Dugout Mug® works as a mug, holding 12 ounces of hot or cold liquid, or it is a great addition to put on display for any man cave, office, or baseball collection!

  • The Dugout Mug® is double sealed (inside and out) for durability & is liquid resistant
  • Hand wash our mugs with cold water, mild soap, and air dry

*MLBP states that the signatures used are facsimiles