Houston Strong Edition 2017 Championship Mugs

Thompson Mug Company is proud to partner with some of our Brothers in Baseball from your 2017 CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM to help bring relief to the people of HOUSTON affected by Hurricane Harvey!

When a community is hit by a catastrophe, we ALL feel it, and we ALL jump in to help! That is why we decided to release this ONE OF A KIND Dugout Mug™ - Offered exclusively by the Thompson Mug Company and in conjunction with some of your favorite players!

Click the button below and order yours today!

The mugs are made in America, crafted with care, and beautifully laser engraved with  “2017 WORLD CHAMPIONS” on the front, and the entire 25 man roster from the 2017 Championship Team on the back.

Additionally, we have added "Houston Strong Edition" so you know you have received one of the mugs specifically made for this initiative.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! - $10 from EVERY BAT MUG sold will go directly to relief efforts in Houston!

Our Support Squad

Brad Peacock

Chris Devenski

Will Harris

James Hoyt