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About Dugout Mugs


I am Randall Thompson, the creator of the Dugout Mug® - Barrel of a bat converted into a Baseball Bat Mug! I started pursuing my vision in July 2014 after sketching the very first Bat Mug on a scrap piece of paper, and my mission was simple… Give baseball fans, baseball players, and baseball parents a NEW, and AWESOME way to enjoy the game they love so much! Great for Coaches Gifts, Father's Day Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Baseball Player Gifts, and more!

A little about ME - I grew up in Orlando, Florida and played my first Little League t-ball game at the age of five. From that moment, like many of you, I WAS HOOKED, and the game of baseball had become a part of my life forever. Through hard work and ethics, I earned opportunities to play the game around the country at the college and the professional levels. Just 18 years later, I threw my last pitch at the professional level, and though all good things come to an end, I know if you are good to the game, the game will be good to you. I was right!

Why is it called the Dugout Mug®? - Back in 2014 while coaching at Florida Tech, I was sitting in the dugout and listening to the hitting coach telling the guys to “FOCUS ON THE HANDS.” To emphasize his point, he cut the top off of a bat and left the barrel sitting on the bench… BOOM! The idea hit me like a 12th inning walk off, “I could definitely drink from a bat!” I said to myself… The rest is history!

After being released from baseball, I knew that I needed to POUR hard work, ethics, and creativity into something I was passionate about. The result was the Dugout Mug®! I will always have a LOVE for the game, but I never thought MY BIG DEBUT was coming after I retired… Life is funny that way!