The End of an Era - Baseball coming to an End

May 09, 2017

The End of an Era - Baseball coming to an End


The past month has flipped the perspective on the future of coaches gifts and player's gifts within the college, high school, and Little League baseball world. To say the least, we are blown away with the amount of tremendous support we have seen for our Dugout Mugs™ in the month of April and early May.

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When Randall Thompson set out to create the barrel of a baseball bat mug - he figured it would make a great baseball gift for your everyday baseball fan; he did not imagine it would take coaches and players by storm for senior days and banquets.

baseball bat mug

Though, the slightest surprised, as always - grateful and humbled for the opportunity to be part of so many incredible milestones within the baseball brotherhood. For some players, it is an end of an era of their life. Though, new beginnings can be scary - the combination of curiosity, persistence, and A LOT of fun will lead to another passion to pursue wholeheartedly. As a player puts on their spikes for the last time, we encourage them to look left and right to notice, acknowledge, appreciate, and embrace the people that surround them. From the parents that would do anything to see their kid excel - not just in the game, but in life. To the teammates that had their back during the highest and lowest times - on and off the field. And, even the coaches that may not of believed in them as a player or person. Notice them, for these are the people that have helped shape the current player and person that looks back in the mirror.

As this era ends - do not worry about the two out double in the fifth, or the nasty curve ball that makes the batter look like a clown. Rather, focus on the relationships that have been developed based on one commonality - the game of baseball. We promise, when a person looks back 20 years from now - the double will not matter, nor will the curve ball...but, the people always will.

For the senior baseball dudes leaving the diamond - have the courage to create your wildest dreams. And remember, "it's not about what it is - it's about what it can become."

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