Mother's Day Madness

April 17, 2017

Mother's Day Madness


Hey Baseball Dads,

Because of all the things baseball moms do for has been decided that one National Holiday a year to show appreciation for their love and support is enough! Ha, we shouldn't have! (sarcasm)

Just to be sure we are on the same page - that 'one day' is rapidly approaching...


If you are anything like most gift getting dudes - then you really have no idea what to buy for Mothers Day. Most times, you'll spend three hours in the mall looking at and smelling fruity candles - which eventually leads to nothing but a headache from the array of scents at a Yankee Candle store. You then come home defeated, and she feels obligated to tell you...

"It's the thought that counts, honey."

And, before you know it - she is opening a gift and is acting excited and appreciative, like so...







Thompson Mug Company, the home of the Dugout Mug - is on a mission to put a stop to this Mother's Day Madness. Baseball moms around the world have experienced years of gift neglect, horrible attempts, and last minute buys. It must stop. 

With that said, we are rolling out a line of our baseball bat barrel Dugout Mugs - specifically engraved for the dedicated Baseball Mom. In addition, we are dedicating our Instagram page to all the awesome baseball moms for the first 13 days of May - leading up to Mothers Day.










With the baseball bat converted drinking mug - your baseball mom can drink a "glass" of wine when company is over, pour herself a beer when her MLB team is playing on ESPN, or show her support at the ballpark for a baseball showcase or a tournament.

Please, join Thompson Mug Co. on their mission to provide a better Mother's Day gift by using the hashtag #TheThoughtDoesNOTCount

Gentlemen, together, we can make the phrase "it's the thought that counts" a thing of the past.