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Jack Sheridan | A Wish From Wisdom

June 30, 2017

Jack Sheridan | A Wish From Wisdom


There is a simple saying in the game of baseball that goes as followed: "the game is bigger than you." It's an expression that suggests the game of baseball will impact more people than people will impact the game. Generally, it takes years for a young and talented baseball player to understand and accept this concept. The ones that eventually learn, accept, and respect this notion...are typically the ones that are rewarded (over time) in the game of baseball.

"No one individual is bigger than the game of baseball."

That brings us to an incredible kid, a kid beyond his years...and a kid with an understanding of that concept. Jack Sheridan, is undoubtedly a talented baseball player - but what is more impressive is the selfless and fearless perspective he carried with him during a daunting period of his young life. As a Sophomore in 2014 at Christian Brothers Academy he was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 15. After being contacted by Make A Wish Foundation...the "wish" he made was remarkable, and the ripple effect caused by his wish is, and will continue to be, immeasurable.

Please, watch the video below to learn about Jack's "wish":

Fast forward to 2017 and Jack has graduated from Christian Brothers Academy; in which, he played baseball his senior year. Interestingly, the first home run hit at the newly renovated ball park (from Sheridan's wish) - was hit by...Jack Sheridan. As stated earlier..."the one's that learn, accept, and respect the concept are rewarded over time."

The Thompson Mug Company wants to thank the Sheridan family for allowing us to play our small part in their ceremony. Each person that was part of the team that supported Jack and his family throughout the process received a Dugout Mug.

In closing - we are humbled to have been invited to be part of a one-of-a-kind , and remarkable journey.

We wish Jack the best in his future endeavors, and tip our hats to the young man he is, and the person he will continue to become.


"It's not about what it is - it's about what it can become." - Dr. Seuss