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Identity in Baseball | Beyond the Bat Mug

January 02, 2019

Identity in Baseball | Beyond the Bat Mug

When it comes to baseball - I love the game and the people within the game. My love for baseball started in my backyard at the age of four, and ended at the age of 23 in the Toronto Blue Jays organization. 

Though the Thompson Mug Company makes awesome baseball gifts - I thought, "why not go Beyond the Bat Mug," and share information I learned while growing up playing the game of baseball.

So, here we go. These entries will be short, precise, and (hopefully) full of value for any young parent or player in the game of baseball.

That first spark of belief for a kid in baseball (typically) comes from a parents external praise.

However, there is a tricky part. Balancing a kids pursuit to Major League Baseball while not allowing their identity to be swallowed by the statement "I am a baseball player."

Helping/encouraging your son or daughter to compete at the highest level of competition on an athletic field is one of the best things you can do for him or her. The lessons he or she will learn on this pursuit are unparalleled and applicable to all things in life.

However, exploring other interests is critical!

This is coming from a guy that only knew himself as Randall "the baseball player." Often, I think, "someone should have taught me how to breakaway from the game to fish, camp, shoot hoops, build, create, etc."

When it all shakes out, I look back and say "I am one of the lucky ones - I knew what I wanted outside of baseball," but there are so many dudes out there that can't move on. The game being ripped away from them leads to deep depression, because they can't imagine who they are or what they want outside of a baseball diamond. 

So, in 2019 - encourage your son or daughter to get off a baseball diamond and explore something else! But, be sure to Drink From Bats!


My name is Randall Thompson, founder of Thompson Mug Company - we create the Dugout Mug - which is a baseball bat mug. Yeah, a baseball bat mug. In 2014, I asked myself - can someone drink from the barrel of a baseball bat? The short answer: "yes!" So, thanks for reading!