Holy Cow, They Put Beer in a Baseball Bat

February 23, 2017

Holy Cow, They Put Beer in a Baseball Bat

True baseball fans can now drink at an all-star level with Dugout Mugs™!

Have you ever drank out of a barrel of a baseball bat?

Seriously…I’m talking about enjoying a nice frosty one right out of the barrel. No? Why haven’t you?

Actually, most true baseball fans haven't and this is why…

A few short years ago, the Dugout Mug was only a dream. Being the original, we set the bar high and continued to push boundaries in quality. Only using the most beautiful Maple bats --- we craft your mug to the height of 10” and hollow it out to hold 12 ounces of your favorite beverage. This is a precise process and is done by hand. We’ll craft your mug using only American materials. It is after all, the American Pastime!

Seeing how you have the ability to fully customize your mugs (great for celebrations and weddings) they are exclusive…yours will be one of a kind. In fact, due to natural variations in the wood grains, no 2 will ever be alike.

Remember, the greatest fans deserve the very best! Don’t just live baseball, drink baseball...

...and in the spirit of Harry Caray I leave you with one last thought…

 “Holy Cow! They put beer in his baseball bat”