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From the Garage to Working with the New York Yankees

December 17, 2019

From the Garage to Working with the New York Yankees

The holiday season always tends to bring out the sentimental side of things, and the Dugout Mugs team is no exception. After another successful Black Friday + Cyber Monday weekend, we can’t help but think about our humble beginnings. Baseball bat mugs brandishing the logo of all 30 MLB teams were sent out the door in Santa-sized bags, overflowing with Dugout Mugs boxes. Though there is still plenty of work to be done and more than enough goals to be met as we enter 2020, it’s hard to deny that we’ve come a long way since the initial stages in the garage.

If you don’t know our story, it all began in the dugout. Our founder, Randall Thompson, became the pitching coach for Florida Tech after a stint in the Toronto Blue Jays organization. Tech’s hitting coach was instructing the team to focus on their hands and emphasized his point by cutting off the top of the baseball bat entirely, leaving it on the bench. One quick glance at the lone barrel and Randall had THE idea. He took it upon himself to prototype the first bat mug in his garage and bought a desktop laser engraver to put designs on the side.

Fast forward five years, three locations, 10+ employees, and plenty of bat mugs later, and the Dugout Mugs team has penned a deal with the world famous New York Yankees. All the hours spent conceptualizing design, testing the prototype, setting up booths at trade shows, speaking on the phone with customers, sending out orders to MLB stadiums, and building a team who wholly believes in the nostalgic, fun power of the baseball bat beer mug-- Dugout Mugs have been featured online by the New York Yankees!

If nothing else, this is a testament to how hard work can pay off. Randall had an idea he believed in, surrounded himself with the right people, and they all worked their tails off together to get to reach the point they stand today. There is still plenty of work to be done, but some experiences just have you stop in your tracks to appreciate how far you’ve come.

HUGE thanks to the New York Yankees for making a life-long baseball lover's dream come true.