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Beyond the Bat Mug | Adversity In Baseball

March 15, 2019

Beyond the Bat Mug | Adversity In Baseball

When it comes to baseball - I love the game and the people within the game. My love for baseball started in my backyard at the age of four, and ended at the age of 23 in the Toronto Blue Jays organization. 

Though Dugout Mugs® makes unique baseball gifts - I thought, "why not go Beyond the Bat Mug," and share information I learned while growing up playing the game of baseball.

"Baseball is a game of failure." This phrase is often used to describe the natural ups and downs of baseball. Self defeating thoughts (such as this one) in the game of baseball will lead to a breakdown in confidence, and it's vital to get away from the thought "it is ok" or normal" to "fail" in the game of baseball.

After not getting the desired result on a ball field - a shift in your mindset from "I failed" to "I was temporarily unsuccessful" could be critical to finding longterm success in the game of baseball.

The game rewards people in appropriate times - maintaining faith in this statement is the difference between having a long career and giving up too early. The focus shouldn't be on the current day successes and failures - these are just lessons setting you up for a bigger and better understanding of the game. If a person doesn't see that the "bad times" are setting them up for the good - they haven't had enough at-bats.

So, young baseball players - keep your head up - and, understand that you aren't "failing" ... you are learning.


My name is Randall Thompson, founder of Dugout Mugs® - we create the Dugout Mug - which is a baseball bat mug. Yes, a barrel of a baseball bat mug. In 2014, I asked myself - can someone drink from the barrel of a baseball bat? The short answer: "yes!" So, thanks for reading!