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Beyond The Baseball Bat Mug | Knowing Thyself

September 13, 2019

Beyond The Baseball Bat Mug | Knowing Thyself

"Houston, we have a problem." Muttered the old school scout. 

When I was a kid - the Atlanta Braves would have an open pre-draft tryout in Orlando.

My dad and I would go up to the field to watch.

If I remember correctly, to tryout - you had to be at least 16 years old - at the time I was about 11 years old.

Both my dad and I (with our Braves hats on) stood against the short wall that overlooked right field - we noticed a guy on the right field line, in blue jeans, and a cut-off shirt, doing an overly aggressive arm circle with his left arm.

"Oh, a southpaw?" Said a scout.

"Yes, sir - looking to sign." Responded the blue-jeaned man.

The scout walked over to the short wall and said:

"Houston, we have a problem."

My dad laughed - but, I didn't quite understand.

Moments later - the 'southpaw' would get about five pitches in a bullpen session, and the next guy was called upon.

The southpaw didn't get the contract he was hoping for.

Shortly after southpaw got done pitching...

My dad turned to me and said - "you know when you sing, and I tell you that it sounds awful?" That's why."

The lesson, or the perspective: "know thyself."

We are all born with talents - realizing them, and doubling down on them is how you continue to play baseball at the next levels.


My name is Randall Thompson, I created the baseball bat mug, and later founded the company Dugout Mugs®. After being released from the Toronto Blue Jays organization, I took a pitching coach job at a college in Florida, and that same year - I would think up a multimillion dollar idea in a dugout (the bat mug). Here I am now - hoping my snippets of baseball wisdom will help youth players maximize their performance and outlook of the great game of baseball!