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Beyond The Baseball Bat Mug | A Team of Best Friends

September 19, 2019

Beyond The Baseball Bat Mug | A Team of Best Friends

Dugout Mugs has a guest writer, ex-professional baseball player, Tyler Doughty speak about Beyond The Bat Mug, and the importance of chemistry in baseball.

The best thing I’d ever heard in my baseball career was “a team full of best friends is hard to beat”.

The power of caring about your teammates and playing for one another is an amazing thing.

Real leadership is when you truly care about the success of your team and teammates above your own. Having an emotional investment in each other is how you can make those around you better.

Going into my senior year of college - I had a chance to reflect on what I needed to do to help my team be the best it could be. I knew, for us to have our best season, I would need to be healthy - something I had struggled with most of my career.

With that in mind - I would get to the field early before practice to work on extra conditioning drills...

One day, one of my teammates got there early just as I was finishing up. Seeing me out of breath and covered in sweat, he asked me:

"What are you doing?"

When I told him I was doing extra conditioning, he laughed and asked:

"What in the world are you doing that for?"

...I thought for a second and replied:

"I am doing it for you."

I genuinely wanted that team, and everyone on it, to have as much success as possible.

Learning what 'drives you' is part of maturing and growing as a baseball player. Doing and being my best for the betterment of my teammates is what drove me.

That selflessness was present in myself and a lot of my other teammates, and that translated into an electric chemistry - which eventually made our good team, into a 'special' team.

It’s vital to realize every season is the last season with the group of teammates you have. Don’t miss out on the chance for you or your teammates to have the memories of being a part of a special team. Eventually, those memories are all any of us are left with from this game.


My name is Randall Thompson, I created the baseball bat mug, and later founded the company Dugout Mugs®. After being released from the Toronto Blue Jays organization, I took a pitching coach job at a college in Florida, and that same year - I would think up a multimillion dollar idea in a dugout (the bat mug). Here I am now - hoping my snippets of baseball wisdom will help youth players maximize their performance and outlook of the great game of baseball!