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Beyond the Baseball Bat Mug | A Guide for a Youth Baseball Player

September 03, 2019

Beyond the Baseball Bat Mug | A Guide for a Youth Baseball Player

"Finish what you start."

This is the best advice I grew up on.

Adversity is part of the game of baseball.

Hard times are going to show up.

When they do - you have to control your attitude and outlook. You have to be able to 'wash it', and move on.

When I was younger - a great coach told me, when you step in dog s*** - do you dwell about it, and talk about it all day long, or do you wash it off and move on with your day?

The same applies with the execution (or the lack of) a bad pitch or a bad at bat in baseball. The dog s*** (bad at bat) only stays on the bottom of your foot for as long as you let it.

A young baseball player has to understand that hard times are going to show up in their career. Here's the thing - that player has to stick around the game long enough to understand those hard times are making them better in the long-term.

So, when you are facing hard times. Wash it, move on, and know better times are on their way.


My name is Randall Thompson, I created the baseball bat mug, and later founded the company Dugout Mugs®. After being released from the Toronto Blue Jays organization, I took a pitching coach job at a college in Florida, and that same year - I would think up a multimillion dollar idea in a dugout (the bat mug). Here I am now - hoping my snippets of baseball wisdom will help youth players maximize their performance and outlook of the great game of baseball!