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Baseball In Your Blood | Baseball Bat Mug | Dugout Mug™

September 28, 2018

Baseball In Your Blood | Baseball Bat Mug | Dugout Mug™

"Baseball is in your blood."

If you've been around a baseball diamond long enough, you have heard this expression, but what does it mean? Most would say..."it's in your blood lines...your dad played baseball, and your dad's dad played baseball."

However, we see it differently. 

When you are around a baseball field and you scan the field - you'll notice that a certain, limited amount, of baseball players have an unspoken presence. There is a way a ball-player carries himself that tells you everything you need to know about that player. The way they prepare, the way they stretch, the way they warm up, the way they communicate with their teammates, the way they win, and the way they lose. They are even keel, and confident. They are perfectly in the moment and waiting for the opportunity to succeed. However, when they make a mistake - they wash it, and move on to the next pitch. 

We are unsure if you can teach a player to have baseball in their blood. It seems as if ball players are born. We would love your opinion.

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