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Baseball Bat Mugs | Dugout Mugs

July 13, 2019

Baseball Bat Mugs | Dugout Mugs

Baseball Fans Love Drinking From Bats

Drinking from a baseball bat? Who thought of that?

When I was 5 years old, I fell in love with the game of baseball. My dad signed me up at my local Little League, and from then on - I was hooked.

baseball bat mug little league

From age 6 to 15, I would rush home from school, finish my homework, then sit on the stoop with my bat bag and a bucket of baseballs waiting for my dad to pull up from work in his 1980's Dodge Ram pick-up truck.

The kid that loved baseball (me) ended up getting a chance to play professionally with the Toronto Blue Jays.

gift for baseball dad

Eventually, my dream of playing professional baseball would come to an end, and I would go on to coach baseball at the college level.

In the Spring of 2014, I found myself sitting in a dugout, and I asked myself..."can you drink from the barrel of a baseball bat?"

From that question, the bat mug was born!

What is a Bat Mug?

A bat mug is the barrel of a baseball bat drinking mug. We take a solid wood baseball bat barrel, hollow it out (to hold 12 oz of hot or cold liquid), double seal it (inside and out), and laser engrave the outside of it to create a baseball bat mug, or as we named it - the Dugout Mug®.

how to use baseball bat mug

What Can You Put On A Bat Mug?

In 2018, we were granted a license to work with Major League Baseball. So, we created the MLB Bat Mug. This option is by far our most popular; however, there are other awesome options - such as:

Personalize a bat mug with a custom logo (put your own logo on a Dugout Mug).

Personalize a bat mug with custom text (a great option for groomsmen gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, or a "just because" baseball gift.

Or, MLB player's signature bat mugs.

cubs bat mug

Where Can You Find the Dugout Mug?

Since we launched Dugout Mugs® in 2016 - we have seen some incredible growth. This incredible growth has come from awesome baseball people - just like you. We are being sold in 60 stadiums around the United States (25 MLB Stadiums and 35 Minor League Baseball Stadiums). 

However, our best customer is still the avid baseball fan that visits us at dugoutmugs.com. When a person gets a Dugout Mug in their hand, they just get it, and they love drinking from it. They take their bat mug out places, and everyone has to know where they got it.

where to use a bat mug

It would mean the world to me for a chance to earn your business. Please, visit our webpage by clicking here, and grab a few items from Dugout Mugs today!

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