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A Sad End for Baseball Seniors

March 13, 2020

A Sad End for Baseball Seniors

I was chatting with a college teammate this morning - he said something that hit me in a hard way:

"Can you imagine your senior season ending like this?"

I can't imagine it.

It feels like yesterday that I played my last college baseball game.

I sobbed for hours, and I lingered at the field.

My college catcher and I hugged each other with tears in our eyes.

I tried to tell all the underclassman "don't take it for granted," but I couldn't do it because the amount of crying I was doing.

I wasn't ready to let go of college baseball.

So, I feel for these seniors. I feel for them in a big way.

There is no explaining this - but, remember - adversity is our best teacher. Crap is the best fertilizer.

If possible, reflect on all the great times you had with your teammates.

Thank your coaches for being there for you.

Ultimately, this is part of your path.

Embrace it, and trust it.


Dugout Mugs® writes this with a heavy heart for all coaches, seniors, and the parents of seniors.

We are baseball - so, we want to help where we can.

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